What Others Have to Say...

Tara's coaching has been incredibly impactful to me and my career path. One of the first exercises we did that stays with me and guides me to this day was a discovery and articulation of my core values. These values served as an excellent tool to guide big life decisions and help explain what in my career was or was not serving me well. Tara's coaching also played a big role in my decision to make big career moves that took me from a senior position in a corporate environment where I felt stuck and unable to be my best self to a fast growing startup that was much more aligned with who I was. It gave me the self knowledge and confidence to be empowered to take more control over my decisions and career path in the way that truly reflected my own priorities. Today I've grown to be a senior leader at one of Canada's most well known innovative scale up companies - one of the few women of colour to achieve this at a young age. More importantly, I am fulfilled and living my values. I attribute this, in part, to Tara's coaching.


Seema / Head of Product and Wattpad Labs / Wattpad

Tara is a kind and genuine person. She asks the right questions that lead me to decisions, which were very solid once I got out of my own way. It’s easy to listen and say “yes, I’ll do it” but the real work began when I made that commitment to myself to make a change. The greatest part? Tara was well aware of my solid stance and made me aware of it as well. As I reflect, her patience was amazing as she listened, advised and taught me through each stage. She has helped me to focus, prioritize and own my worth. I am a better person and business woman today because of the coaching I received from Tara.


Georgette / Owner / Georgie Porgie Cakes & Gifts

My experience with Tara was incredibly rewarding. I got in touch with her when I was feeling lost and unsure about how to continue with my career. I had a good job, which paid well and was not stressful, but still making me very unhappy. Working with Tara helped me realize that it was okay to leave my job, stop making excuses and work towards being self employed. Tara pushed me forward where I would not have had the confidence (and possibly the realization) on my own. I have been a business owner for just over 2 years and hopefully on my way to many more!


Lynn / Owner / Connected Minds Cafe & Roastery