A Little Bit of Joy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of winter once we get into late January/February, but December when it’s first starting to snow is such a great time.

And I LOVE getting ready for Christmas. Christmas music has been on in my house since early January.

The thing that brings me just a little bit of joy are the Christmas movies on TV, every day. I know they are cheesy, and I know that it sets many people up for failure because life isn’t really like that. But I like to believe that for 2 hours, it is ok for people to overcome the odds and fall in love with a perfect kiss with 1 minute left to go.

I am writing this while one of those movies is on in the background. The point that I want to make here is this: find the thing(s) that bring you joy. Even if it’s a little bit of joy. Even if they are cheesy or you are the only one who enjoys them. Find the things that light you up! Then be intentional about making even more time for those things.