Back to School

The two week break is over. But the online schooling has just begun. Which means that the “break” has been extended, and we’ve added synchronous learning all day.

I haven’t even had a break yet. A break with kids is harder work than just working.

I saw the frustration in my eldest trying to navigate this new world. It’s amazing to me how much care I put into adults learning, and the environment that I provide for it to be a safe and productive learning environment. We’ve had COVID for 10 months and there is still not a plan that works for families.

For the record, this is not to nag on teachers - they are doing the best they can with what they have been given.

This is a reminder that you need to invest in the things that matter. Invest before it’s broken. What is something that matters to you that you need to pay attention to and invest in now so it will be around to support you later? Think of the things that are more long term gain. Lift your eyes up so you can see what it could possibly be. Slow down and pay attention. You might be surprised what you find.