Focus on the Long Term

One week of online schooling down. Apparently we have at least two more weeks to go. To say that it was a challenge is an understatement. I cannot believe how often I lost my cool. I am a facilitator and trainer (online, no less) and I have no patience for doing it with kids. Absolutely none at all.

Well, we made it to Friday. And I did not look like the mom in the picture above. Maybe like this?

It struck me today that I lose sight of the long term so easily in these situations. That I give in to short term frustration, anxiety, worry, and become my worst self - and by that I mean bad habits, the worst qualities that show up when I have no space.

We do that don’t we? When we forget that we have long term vision and goals (in this case, raising kind, humble and capable humans) and we can’t even role model the behaviour we hope they have for 6 hours because it is so frustrating! Short term fuse allows us to feel better. But it can do so much damage.

This lesson has come up a lot for me recently. The things that come quick have a certain allure to them. Slow just isn’t valuable!

As I reflect on how I was not happy with the way I showed up with my kids this week, I notice how I want to think further out. That I want them to take more from this than just the answers to the questions. Plus, I want to build good habits that help me and them look farther than today.

Imagine if we were able to pause and look out on the horizon, with no urgency. That we believed that everything was going to work out in the end? That we didn’t have to worry. That we actually can create the boundaries in our lives that will help us live better lives, and set us up for success.

Imagine that. But first you’ve got to believe you can.