Get Clear

I run into people who are making decisions. In general, I coach people that are looking to shift something in their life, and generally, there is a transition that catapults them to look for support.

I love it, it’s enjoyable to help people get clear on what they want. And, I am surprised at how people are generally unclear on what they want for their life. There are lots of people making decisions out there that are ad hoc, rather than steps in a clear direction.

Do you know where you are going? Are you clear on the path you want to tread? Do you know your values? Do you know the impact you want to have in life?

Once you are clear(er) on where you want to go, decisions become a lot easier. It helps you to be aligned with the life you want.

I would encourage anyone reading this that is feeling unclear to get grounded on what’s important for your future. I’m not talking about a 5 year plan. I’m talking about the vision of your life. Take some time to ask yourself some questions. To clarify the values of your life. To know who you want to impact (and how you want to impact them!). Take some solo reflection time, then talk it out with a trusted friend/colleague/professional.

I promise it will make your decisions so much easier.