I Did It!

Well, first off, Happy New Year everyone! It’s a miracle we are here. Honestly, it’s a miracle every day we wake up, so yay! You’re here.

I am proud today because I committed to my December plan. I wrote a blog post every day, and I journaled/reflected every night before I went to bed on time.

Yay me!

I love it when I stick to things. I can honestly say that having a night time routine has changed my life. I get more sleep, I am more purposeful with how I spend the time after the kids go down, and I feel more prepared for what’s coming.

And the momentum! Sticking with something helps me feel that I am on my way! Not to mention that the little investment in myself helps to build confidence.

If you haven’t already set a goal/resolution/intention for yourself for January/2021, I highly recommend that you pick something that you can build a habit around and do it for the month. It will change your life - at the very least, you’ll know what you like and don’t like about the thing you chose.

Good luck!