I Wanna Be in the Room Where it Happens

I was reminded from Google Photos that a year ago I was in London, England. I had travelled there for a “me” trip.

You see, I was still adamant that I was not going to visit the United States at least through the period that Donald Trump was in office. But I was dying to see Hamilton. And for those of you who live in the Greater Toronto Area, I am definitely not talking about the city Hamilton, but the genius work, Hamilton: An American Musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

It never occurred to me to go to London to see a musical show. Living in Toronto, we get a lot of the popular musicals through here, and we are close enough to New York City that you can hop on a plane and be there pretty quickly. So when the idea popped in my head to cross the pond to see the West End cast of Hamilton, it was pretty unbelievable. Until I started to put the puzzle pieces together. Mainly that my kids were older now and I could take a trip by myself without worrying too much, and I hadn’t really given myself a gift in a while. So I booked a flight and the most perfect seat (for me, third row back, centre, mezzanine) at the theatre.

The quote I believe I texted my bestie after I walked out of the theatre was, “My life is brighter.” It changed me. Which is another post for another day (I promise I will write about that soon enough).

As I was reminded of the trip, it occurred to me that the thing I miss the most during these COVID-19 times is going to the theatre. We all have our art forms - a musical theatre experience is the most beautiful, entertaining and joyful for me. To experience people who have given their lives towards mastery of their crafts while telling a story with beautiful lyrics, dance and humour...there is nothing like it! I miss the elegance of the theatres, the settling in your seats with anticipation (I try my best to not know everything before I see a show...for Hamilton, I actually did not listen to the soundtrack and kept my eyes away from all the clips online), clapping along, being moved to tears because of someone’s wonderful voice, the laughing the crying, and the 11 o’clock number...it is just wonderful.

I hope that we can get back to this soon. I definitely want to be in the theatre “Room Where it Happens” before long. It is a part of my joy puzzle, and as much as Hamilton is a joy to watch on Disney+ too, it’s just not the same.