Leave People with a Smile

I usually go grocery shopping on Mondays. After months of testing during the pandemic, I was able to identify that right before lunch and after dinner rush are the best times to go. First, because they restock shelves on Monday after the weekend. And second, because it’s not busy! I hate busy stores, I will do everything to avoid crowds while shopping.

Today, I had a few things working against me. One, it’s Christmas week - people are planning to get everything they need. Two, a lot of people are on holidays, so more people to contend with. And three, we are about to enter another lockdown, so people want to get as much as possible before we can’t anymore.

So. The parking lot was full at 9:40 AM. And we now have to wait outside again. By the time I got to the front of the line, the line was all the way to the end of the grocery store.

Needless to say, people were not in a good mood. When people are not in a good mood, they look for people to blame.

Luckily the lady waiting in front of me was kind and started a conversation. I remembered how much I miss just random chit chat. And then as I was checking out, Shallow, the song by Lady Gaga and Brandon Cooper came on the speakers, and I started to sing along (all safely under my mask of course). And the cashier said, “it is so lovely to hear someone sing!” I know they are little things, but they are important to me.

They’re important to me because they alter the course of people’s days. They leave people with a smile. They help us to not feel alone. And that brings hope. Which we can all use during these times.