Love over Everything

Christmas Eve is starting to morph and change as my eldest gets older. This year it blew my mind how much both of my kids were bouncing off the walls. Especially today.

Christmas is a big deal in our house. First, it’s Christmas, obvs. Second, I’ve got a Christmas baby, so it’s also a birthday! And then my other son has a birthday in five days. This year everything was taken up a notch with the letters back from Santa, and the boys being aware of and then asking for the toys they want (thanks school friends!), and my youngest ready to be my sous chef for every baking endeavour. It’s been non-stop excitement every day for the last month!

I was stressed out today because they just couldn’t sit and listen. And in my heart I knew that they were just being kids at Christmas, but it was just too much - and this all happened before noon. Sigh.

Got through the day and as we watched the Christmas Eve service, I was reminded of the reason for the season. Love, through Jesus.

And I melted and had more grace. And wanted to share more love. I know how hard it is, especially as a mother of two young kids. There’s barely time to show more love, when we are trying to raise the next generation of leaders and responsible humans.

But it’s important to slow down and pour into the people we care about the most. It’s relationships that fuel amazing things. And love is the foundation of it all.

Love over everything. Merry Christmas!