Love that Remembers

Today has been 6 months since my dad passed away.

In honour of that my family got together to chat over Zoom. My immediate family - mom, sister, 2 brothers, 2 nieces and 2 nephews. AND the other family. My dad’s ex-wife/mother of my brothers, and a daughter from her second marriage.

It’s always weird to try to explain how my family is and how we’re related. But in these moments, it doesn’t matter. My dad was able to bring us all together through love. And I am grateful that we can be together to talk about our memories, and what we loved about him, and how we can support each other in this year of loss.

I can only hope that families that have complicated connections and pasts can find the love in it all so that everyone can be supported.

I’m so glad that we could honour him in this way.