Own It

I did a new thing today. I was asked to be on a Facebook Live show called Tanya Talks. A friend of mine hosts these hour long conversations on different topics. The topic we spoke on was The Journey Into Motherhood

My last words were:

Own your approach. Be the mother you want to be and create the life you want around it.

Feel free to watch the conversation here.

I know I was talking about motherhood, but I think this advice applies no matter what the situation. You are who you are. You are different from others. Follow what your gut is saying and own your approach (Unless you are harming people - including yourself. Then stop.) We spend so much time trying to fit into a way of being that other people have created. You see the world differently, so act on that.

The more we have people owning their authentic way of being, the more we will see the culture shift. And that is what creates a better world.