There is one day in the year that really gives me pause. It’s the day before my eldest son’s birthday. Today is the eve of his 7th birthday.

Of course I am excited for him, and am in awe of how much he has grown. It’s true when they say that time flies. At this point, I really don’t remember that much about being pregnant (other than it was not enjoyable for me).

The thing is, the day I went into active labour is the day that I started the end of one stage, and entered the beginning of the new identity of being a mother.

Seven years ago I learned that you can’t plan for everything.

Seven years ago I expanded my threshold for pain.

Seven years ago I started to believe that I am able to handle anything.

Seven years ago I finally embraced what my body is able to do.

Seven years ago my heart started to break down, in order to be built up again.

The truth is that my journey into motherhood prepared me for so much. I am a better human because I am a mother. Learning how to care for and raise my son has expanded my view of the world in a way that I could not have predicted, but am so grateful for. I started to become vulnerable, and that has helped me to be a better coach, a better leader, a better daughter, a better wife and better friend.

By no means am I saying that it is the only way. It’s just my learnings from my life.

Seven years ago I was scared out of my mind. Being scared doesn’t go away (at least it doesn’t for me) when it comes to this parenting thing. It’s not a sign of failure to be scared. What has been the biggest lesson for me is to embrace the fear, and be open to what the solutions could be.

Happy Birthday Eve little man.