I love my Sundays.

I wake up, and make a bigger breakfast than usual. It includes waffles among other things (always homemade - super easy).

Then we attend church online. I definitely miss people, but I must say, watching online in my pajamas is amazing. Bonus points for not having to take my kids anywhere, especially when it’s cold.

Then I get to my favourite part. Washing my hair while listening to podcasts. Since I do not commute anymore, I don’t have 40-60 minutes where I am just by myself and can focus on what I’m listening to. So having dedicated time (my hair takes a while) where I can take in some great ideas is wonderful. (I wish that I had someone to wash my hair like the photo, but that's a whole other story).

Today’s favourite listen: Coaching for Leaders, Episode 507: How to Change Your Behavior, with BJ Fogg

I have a rotation, so you can find me listening to Brené Brown’s Dare to Lead and Unlocking Us podcasts, Coaching for Leaders and Akimbo, with a smattering of other ones depending on the topics.

What are you doing to invest in you? Find something and then find the time to make it happen.

I love my Sundays because they are for me! Invest in yourself. Give yourself that time, wherever you can find it.