Take a Chance

I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies (thanks, Hallmark Channel!), and am always completely in awe of how scared people are to take a chance on love.

Somewhere between 45-60 minutes, the protagonists start to fall for each other. Then somewhere between 60-90 minutes, they try to make it obvious, but then decide that it is not a good idea, and they should go. Usually after a kiss.

One cannot control outcomes. There, I said it. In business, in life, in love. Yet, somehow location and misunderstandings become the reason to not try something new.

I work with a lot of people that pride themselves on solving problems, and are really good at defining risk and reward. It is hard to get them to open their minds to the possibility of "failure". It's just now how they were taught. I mean, haven't we all been taught to minimize our failure rate?

The reality is that we cannot know the end, especially in matters of the heart. But how will we know what will if we don't give it a chance?

I implore you - if there is something that you want, take the next step toward it. Perseverance builds character, and isn't that the goal anyway?