The Art of Gathering

Today my team and I had our team celebration and planning for 2021. We haven’t had an “offsite” since the beginning of the pandemic, and at the time, it was an emergency get together to manage our time given our shift to Zoom training instead of in the classroom.

We used to have offsite meetings that were a big deal. We would go to someone’s house, food was always a big part of the day, and we would talk and strategize, but for some reason we weren’t big on the follow through.

Today we planned the best, most productive and person centered strategic meeting. Our team is unique in that we put people first, and we are facilitators and coaches, so we have skills in planning time together. We honoured everyone, we built trust on the team, we talked about our plans, and celebrated our accomplishments.

Turns out that you don’t need a lot of time, or a fancy location to have meetings that feel good and are productive and efficient. If you’re planning something that feels good and is outcome focused, make sure you are clear on why you are getting together, keep the people attending top of mind, and get input from the team. Even better, have them be a part of the planning!

It’s possible for meetings to be fun AND productive. Challenge yourself and your teams to put your people first and see what comes out of it.