The Power of Paradox

Paradox. Holding the tension of opposites.

Today is a short read. I wanted to take a moment to share an interesting podcast episode that got me thinking more about this concept. Of course, it’s from one of my favourite researchers on the planet, Brené Brown.

She happened to interview Barack Obama this week on her Dare to Lead podcast - Brené with President Barack Obama on Leadership, Family and Service - and I was intrigued about this quote within the episode:

There is a belief that people that can hold the discomfort of paradox are truly the most transformative leaders among us, and that it is a very rare skill set because it requires a level of comfort with ambiguity.

As I get older, I am definitely more comfortable in ambiguity, although I still have farther to go. This can show up in so many ways. The one that I encounter the most is that I know a lot, but I still don't know everything. This gets in the way of so many promising leaders...getting out of your own way can be one of the hardest things to learn.

I know I’ll be adding this skill set to my leadership toolkit. I definitely want to be known as transformative.