The Question

One of my favourite newsletters I receive is the one from James Clear. He is all about habits and systems, so he always wants you to look at what is causing you to be the way you are. And you are a product of your habits.

He leaves us with 3 Ideas, 2 Quotes and 1 Question. And his question always makes me think.

Today’s question is:

What is a mistake you seem to repeat each year? What can you do to prevent it this time?

This question is fabulous.

I have been in a reflective mood this past week. When I get hit with these types of questions on a regular day, it makes me think. But on a week like this where I am reflecting on the past year, it hits differently.

I mean, who actually wants to think about their mistakes? I just want to move forward.

But, if I’m honest, this is such a great place to look. It is the lesson that you keep missing, or the tendencies you have that get you into trouble. Then you want to leverage your strengths to minimize those tendencies.

The mistake I seem to repeat is indulging and not taking care of my health. I do really well for a few months, but then I fall into a bad habit around eating, or not exercising.

What I would like to do to prevent it?

Not sure. But my strength is in organizing, so I believe meal planning and keeping my groceries in check will help. I’ve found that when I put things in my calendar, they happen. Adding another routine to my day can definitely help. It adds to my identity when I can stick to something.

And that is the point.

I wish you all happy reflections. As you ponder, stay safe out there. Do what you need to do to keep your mind right.

Happy New Year!