What I Learned While Baking Cookies

It’s December! And I always enjoy baking and making desserts during this time of year. Even more so since my youngest started enjoying being my sous chef.

We have been experimenting with different types of cookies to see which ones are the most fun to make AND taste good. The problem is that the ones that are the most fun to make are the ones I cannot stand to make.

Last year, I promised I would make gingerbread cookies. From scratch. I even bought molasses! Something I never have in my house. "For the kids," I told myself.

I learned that I hate rolling dough. But I played it down and thought maybe it was the complexity of making gingerbread.

Nope. Fast forward a year and repeat. Except this time with sugar cookies. And icing. Although it was a lot of fun to make and colour the icing, it was just too involved a process.

Which leads me to my learning. Know your strengths people.

I enjoy baking because you have to stick to the recipe. But I also love that straightforward recipes can be somewhat spontaneous if you have the basic ingredients in your house (e.g. eggs, butter, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, vanilla, flour, etc.). But once it becomes too engineered I am not interested. Chilling dough for hours, rolling dough, measuring thickness...it’s not for me.

This is actually me in real life. I love to plan and be organized, but once it takes over my life, I shy away from it. I don’t like to be too regimented.

Pay attention to the things that light you up and the things that bother you. Even if it is in something as simple as baking! The more you do, the more that things will be revealed about your strengths and how you can show up at your best.